We owe a great debt of gratitude to John Falvo and his wife, Rosemarie, for all the help they have given and continue to give us in our genealogical quest.  In an effort to show John our appreciation, we would like to share with you information about his wonderful book of poetry.  Poems about the people of Decollatura, the nearby villages and towns, the churches, fountains, and the painful departure. Memories' of John's, yet memories our own ancestors would have shared with us.
All our love,
Mary Jo and Sam

Ricordi del passato

Memories of the Past
By Giovanni Falvo

"This book of poems is dedicated to all the Decollaturesi, all those living outside of Italy, those of us all over the world, and you who love to read of your past. I hope that in reading this you will find one of the best, "Mother of Decollatura", where it talks about you and your land.......I hope all of you will read my poems and find lots of nostalgia and love for the places of our past and the dear people we left behind in Decollatura." Giovanni Falvo

If you would like to purchase a copy of John's book
Send $25.00 payable to
Giovanni Falvo
34 Idylwood Road
Welland, Ontario, Canada
L3C 1X3
Price includes postage and handling

All poems written in Italian, Calabrese and English

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